Wolfe Park Litter Pickup 2021

We Heart West held its first neighborhood cleanup in more than a year this past Saturday, May 1st, at Wolfe Park. The morning started off windy and cold, but quickly warmed up as volunteers collected food wrappers and discarded masks. Wolfe Park seems to be a hot spot for people to enjoy their fast food meals, making it a place where lots of trash ends up. Much of the debris was blown against the ballpark fences and onto the fields.

We had 11 volunteers and were able to make a huge dent in cleaning up the park. While cleaning, one of our 9 year old volunteers found a Robin’s nest in one of the baseball dugouts.

As we packed up, the little league teams were arriving. It was great to see the kids playing on the newly cleaned fields. We are looking forward to our next cleanup at Simpson Park on May 15.

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