Trunk or Treat!
Trunk or Treat!
Rimmon Rock Cleanup (in the Rain)
Rimmon Rock Cleanup (in the Rain)
West Manchester Day!
West Manchester Day!
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We♥West: Benefiting West Manchester

We Heart West is comprised of action oriented home owners and renters in West Manchester that are committed to improving the community.  From coordinating cleanups of neighborhood streets and parks to providing charitable service to homes in need like meals and transportation, our time is spent to make the Northwest, Rimmon Heights, Notre Dame, Piscataquog, Wolfe Park, Mast Road, and Pinardville neighborhoods remain vibrant and welcoming for all.

To encourage community involvement and enhance the lives of individuals in West Manchester.

Mission Statement of We Heart West

Volunteering and Donating


Volunteer opportunities are visible on our calendar, click here! If you have a great idea for a volunteer opportunity please contact us. These are our next events:

No event found!


We are volunteer driven but we also collect donations. Your donation will be put to good use to directly support our actions. For example, we provide gloves, bags, and water at community cleanups.

Monthly contributions allow us to plan and budget for regular community action. Donate today, or setup a monthly contribution with the buttons below! Cryptocurrency Donations are also accepted.

We Heart West is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and our EIN is 83-2037990.

Thank you for your contributions!